How to Gain Weight Fast

My Recommendations

I know your feelings reading this. You might still be lost and unsure where to start. I know cause this is what i went through as well. After all, everyone needs a direction. That is why i compiled a list of my favourite programs that i used in the following tables below. They are all step by step guides that I personally bought and in my opinion worth every buck because of the guidance and tips they provided. Most give you a food plan as well as exercise plans but i’ll use the table to show you more. After that you can read on to find out more how the different methods i come to realize about gaining weight quickly.  

Product picturenononsense muscle buildingdownload1download
NameVince Del Monte fitness programMi30XThe Muscle Maximiser
Fitness program has material for both beginners and intermediate body builders up to 28 weeksworkout sheets for you to take to the gym. Great especially if you want to follow the system closelyComprehensive exercise guides with specific muscle groups
calculatorsFitness calculator, calories calculator,metabolic calculator None availableidentification of body type, Endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph
Audio booksContains audio books for all his programs None. Mostly paper formcontains a huge library of videos of different exercises, training regimes
MealsComplete meal plans for everyday based on your calorie calculatorComplete guide to nutrition. detox diet to help your body maximise every gram of proteinwhat supplements to take and recommendations. Food list to take while building muscles
SupportMember forum with admins answering questions FAQ guide and support email givenEmail support with FAST response
Overall impressionsGreat material and well worth the money. Great for beginners and intermediate individuals who want to gain weight quickly. suitable for people on the go and don’t have much time to dedicate to gaining weightPerson with real achievements and his programs mirror that. comprehensive guide to every aspect to gaining weight. Mostly for serious individuals who want to focus their all into body building. Mainly for intermediate builders who want to break out of their plateau another quality product with game changing materials. Great for individuals who want to gain weight quickly. Highly recommended for beginners and intermediate builders.
Price$199   $77 $397   $197 $100   $47
Recommendation 4.5-stars4stars 4.5-stars

“I just can’t seem to gain any weight no matter how much I eat” is probably the statement you have to make on a constant basis when friends comment on how skinny you are. Trust me, I know how that feels because I know how you feel. Clothes didn’t fit well on me. Girls rejected me because I was “slimmer” than them and looked fragile. Fear not, you are not alone. There are many guys out there that face the same problem as you do but frankly. It not your body that is withholding you from gaining weight quickly. It’s the actions that you are doing that is sabotaging your weight gain. Just read on and you’ll catch on.

You are what you eat

This is probably the biggest mistake most skinny guys make. Having a high metabolism rate does not mean that you should eat irresponsibly. Avoid food that is fried and processed foods that have high fat content. The last thing you need is having a belly while you are still skinny. Instead, incorporate more protein and carbohydrates into your diet. If at your current state with 3 meals you are unable to gain any weight, increase your food intake to about 5-6 times a day. With the increase of carbohydrates and protein in your system, even with a high metabolism, your system will not be able to burn all the calories and this will result in you gaining weight. Some Good sources of protein includes chicken, fish, beef, tofu, egg whites, lamb and even nuts. With all these varieties in mind. My favourite is still eating fish because it not only contains protein, it is also a great source of amino acids and also healthy fats. During my snack, I usually try to consume almonds and macadamia nuts as well for good fats and protein. If you would like to calculate the amount of calories you need on day to day, there are calorie calculators available on the net which helps you to calculate how many calories is needed to gain weight. There are also different metrics that you will need to fill it such as your gender, age, weight, height and lastly, how active you are on a daily basis.  

weight training

Another great way on how to gain weight fast will be through weight training. Because of the simple fact that muscles weigh more than fats, it is more effective to gain muscle mass instead of fats. And where else can you head to other than the gym to make full use of the free weights and machines they have available there. It is important to have a workout plan ready when you are at the gym. You don’t want to be wasting time pacing back and forth wondering what exercise you should be doing and how many sets. Compound exercises should be one of your core exercises. Compound exercises are workouts that utilizes multiple muscle groups. This helps to speed up your muscle gain and maximise your time at the gym. Some of my favourite compound workouts includes bench pressing, squats and deadlifts. These exercises target the essential muscles that will really make your body stand out. For more information about such exercises and work out plans. You should really check it out here. During this time you should also minimise the amount of cardiovascular activities such as running, cycling or swimming which will further increase your metabolism rate. Which also translate to burning calories at a faster rate.

Know your limits.


As you are starting out, it is important to know your physical and mental limits. Most beginners make the mistake of doing too much in too little time. In this instance eating too much in a short amount of time. Your body can only absorb a limited amount of protein in a span of 2 hours while the excess gets excreted out as waste. As such, you should spread your protein consumption out equally throughout the day. Variety is the name of the game if you want to keep this habit up for long. Switching up the way you cook your food or the different protein source will help keep things fresh. Look up for recipes online and you will find many that are catered to likeminded people who want to achieve the same objective as you.


 During your weight training, it is essential to make reasonable goals that you can achieve at your current form. Don’t try to be a hero and to do an exercise you are not comfortable with just to look cool. Stick with what you are familiar with and work on your form rather than the quantity. Remember, it’s better to have quality workouts over quantity. Getting a friend with the same goals to motivate you will also be an added bonus as you can rely on each other’s support and encouragement. However, if both of you are new to building muscles. It is recommended to get someone experienced who knows what they are doing. To further boost results, take a protein shake before and straight after your workouts where it is the most effective. And creatine in the night to help you recover quicker. With these tips, it is also important to avoid overtraining. Over training is a emotional and physical state when what you are doing exceeds the amount that your body can recover. The effects of overtraining is understated but it is very real. You won’t feel like training and any training that you do will be in vain. To overcome this, utilize split training or mixing up your workouts. As mentioned, that is also where your friend’s role comes into play. To help you to spot this and to prevent it from happening. Some of the signs of overtraining includes insomnia, decreased muscular strength, increased resting heart rate, irregular heart rate. If you are already overtrained. Taking a break from training to allow your body to recover is the number 1 remedy.